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Faculty Public Engagement

Opening Access to Books Increases Reach and Engagement

Letting people read a book for free can actually be good business. Open Access (OA) expands the purchasing audience and supports authors’ a…

Academic Innovation

Cultivating the Perfect Guidebook through Teaching

University of Michigan Press publishes a rich collection of books that explore the history, culture, and environment of the Great Lakes reg…

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

ELT Reflects Humanity and Broadens Access in Its Publishing

Much like all of the work at Michigan Publishing, the values of diversity and accessibility are woven into the English Language Teaching (E…

Academic Innovation

ELT at Michigan— A Staple in the Field

If there is an ESL course taught at an R1 institution in the United States, the odds are good that it has used a textbook from the English …

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Adding Diversity to the Data Mix

The University of Michigan Library has always harnessed data to solve big problems. Now, with a recent LYRASIS grant, they will partner wit…

Academic Innovation | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Born-accessible Publishing is Good Book-making for Everyone

Michigan Publishing is committed to leading on accessibility and disability issues. When readers with visual impairments couldn’t effective…

Academic Innovation

Student Journals Catalyze Lifelong Learning and Success

In many cases, students go to college for experiences and insights that will prepare them for their professional lives. Michigan Publishing…


Digital Infrastructure Makes Scholarship Durable for Generations

It sometimes feels like you’ll always be able to retrieve electronic files or data. Until you can’t. “The problem with digital is that thi…

Academic Innovation

Sustainable Publishing for Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

Michigan Publishing is pushing the boundaries of the book. The 2018 launch of Fulcrum—an open source publishing platform developed with sup…

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