Michigan Publishing combines the strengths of a highly-regarded traditional university press with the innovative, service-oriented approach of a university library renowned as a leader in digital initiatives. Through a variety of imprints and partnerships, we offer scholarly monographs, specialized journals, tools for English language teaching and learning, books on Michigan and the Great Lakes, and many other publications for readers of all sorts. And our publication formats—from open access and affordable print editions to e-books and audio books—are no less diverse than our content. We give authors a choice about how to share their work and readers a choice about how to access it.

So won’t you choose Michigan Publishing? With the support of authors, readers, and donors like you, we can continue our tradition of innovation and service.

Why Support Michigan Publishing:

  • Advocacy and Education

    We seek to change the landscape of scholarly publishing for the better, one title and one author at a time. In addition to leading free workshops on copyright, journal publishing, open access options, and more, we work closely with each of our authors and journal editors to help them understand their choices and rights, from Creative Commons and copyright to print-on-demand and ebooks. Your gift helps us reach the faculty, students, authors and editors who have a stake in the creation and distribution of scholarly resources.

  • Sustainability

    Production, dissemination, and preservation of scholarship are core functions of the university, and of the university library. Your gift helps to cover first copy costs of new monographs, allowing us to focus on anticipating the needs of scholars and libraries, and on maintaining affordable, broad, perpetual access to all of our titles.

  • Responsiveness

    Responsiveness means listening and working collaboratively to create solutions. We partner with authors, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations to offer one-of-a-kind products, including online repositories, showcase websites, book series, and academic journals. We serve not only traditional scholarly disciplines but also emerging fields, such as the digital humanities. Your gift makes you a partner in our work.

  • Openness

    We strive to be straightforward and fair to authors and readers alike by applying flexible, sensible licenses and by exploring ways to make our titles openly available to read on the web. Your gift to Michigan Publishing supports a culture of access, sharing, transformation and re-use–a publishing culture that above all encourages engagement and feeds the production of new scholarship.

How to Support Michigan Publishing:

Michigan Publishing is a division of the University of Michigan Library. To make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift to the Michigan Publishing Strategic Fund, visit Michigan Online Giving.

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