The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has generously awarded a grant of $73,500 to Emory University to develop a model author-publisher contract and relevant addenda optimized for the publication of long-form digital scholarship. These documents will be drafted and refined using input from faculty, administrators, publishing professionals, and digital scholarship experts at both Emory University and the University of Michigan. The model contract will be made openly available along with ancillary legal documents such as a sample permissions letter for authors to use with third-party rights holders. Emory’s Scholarly Communications Office will lead the project, with U-M faculty and administrators participating in consultative workshops and interviews.

This work is a natural extension of previous Mellon-funded investigations at both Emory and U-M, which explored the future of the monograph in the digital era and how institutional subventions might be used to fund long-form scholarship in the humanities.

“An increasing number of the authors that entrust their book manuscripts to us are using digital tools extensively in their research,” says Charles Watkinson, Director of the University of Michigan Press. “As one of a community of like-minded university presses, we are committed to helping these scholars maximize the impact of their work in the networked online environment. We are very grateful to the Mellon Foundation for continuing to help us make the online publishing environment a welcoming one for humanists.”