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New Releases

A new issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing, MPublishing’s flagship journal, is now available. According to the Editor’s Note, “The emergent theme of this issue is practicality: these are case studies and field research about publishing partnerships, file formats, and tools that publishing professionals can use to make the most of the resources they have at hand.” This issue includes the following pieces:

Refurbishing the Camelot of Scholarship: How to Improve the Digital Contribution of the PDF Research Article,” by Alex Garnett, John Willinsky, and Angela Pan Wong

Social Media: New Editing Tools, or Weapons of Mass Distraction?,” by Agata Mrva-Montoya

Publisher-Library Partnership for Accessibility: A Case Study of Scholarly Publishing for Public Audiences,” by Mark Anderson-Wilk and Sue Kunda

Amelia Chesley’s book review of Kenneth Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing, published in 2011 by the Columbia University Press.

We’re very pleased to bring you this selection of research, reports and reviews on the state of electronic publishing practice in 2012.

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